Tracking your time is the most basic function of timeghost. Here are the various ways of tracking it.

Auto-track your time:

  • Choose the automatic mode in your timeghost dashboard by clicking on the stop watch icon next to the big play button.

  • Describe what you’re doing right now in the “What are you working on?” field.
  • Select a Workspace, a Project and a Task, add Tags and a Billable flag, if desired.
  • Click the play button to start the clock.
  • When you’re done with your activity, click on the Stop button.

Manually track your time:

  • Enter Manual Mode by clicking on the pen icon underneath the clock icon.
  • Enter the description, select a Project, Task, Tags and Billable flag if you need (see Automatic Mode above for more information).
  • Set the start and stop times.
  • Click the yellow check mark button.
  • The Time Entry will move under the appropriate day header.